Discover how to automate your RFI's, invoices and approval workflows. Be on track with everything that happens on your project.

Team coordination


Streamline team coordination by providing a centralized platform for real-time communication, task assignment, and progress tracking, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Document management


Simplify document management by effortlessly generating invoices and storing documents with all the essential details and information, ensuring a well-organized and efficient record-keeping system.

RFI and submittals

Your comments and feedback are seamlessly bound to orders, specific tasks, and even defined project areas, providing you with a comprehensive and organised overview.

This approach ensures that you can effortlessly locate and access the necessary information, streamlining your construction project management for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The disconnect between RFIs and submittals and your concrete construction works is resolved.

Palette of pages including task tracker for construction and RFI submittal with photos and comments

Easy invoice receiving

buildbuild offers a solution to the challenge of verifying that invoice data corresponds to the specific work performed by subcontractors.

buildbuild addresses this by issuing detailed orders with specific works and areas. This means that when you approve the completed work, you have a clear understanding of what you are paying for.

Streamline the process by generating invoices based on this accurate data, simplifying your financial management and ensuring transparency.

Palette of pages including list of payments and material ordering form for procurement purposes

Approval processes

buildbuild streamlines the approval process for various aspects, not just payments, but also for tasks such as work acceptance and quantity adjustments.

This setup is a one-time configuration, making it easy to initiate and begin utilising. You have the flexibility to establish an ordered list of approvers, ensuring that changes and approvals progress through the specified sequence.

Approvals are prominently highlighted in buildbuild, ensuring ease of use and a clear workflow for your construction projects.

Palette of pages including detailed order view with list of additional works and areas and approval page with sequences

You don't need to use several tools, the whole team works in a single workspace.

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