Streamline order creation from estimates, efficiently distribute work to subcontractors or employees and choose your preferred view for managing orders.

Manage work on project efficiently

Distribute orders to your subcontractors or employees with ease, enabling them to work efficiently using our mobile app.

buildbuild provides a user-friendly view of orders, ensuring everyone is on the same ground.

List of orders assigned to subcontractors and in-house staff with proper statuses and progress bar

Choose your preferred view

Tailor your order management experience to your liking.

Whether it's a chessboard view or a table view, you have the flexibility to organize and view orders in the format that suits your workflow.

Detailed order view with chessboard view with subcontractor name, vat rates and etc

Create orders from estimate effortlessly

Seamlessly convert project estimates into actionable orders.

Our order creation page simplifies the process, allowing you to create orders directly from your estimate.

New order form with estimate based view with works, prices and statuses
Other features

You don't need to use several tools, the whole team works in a single workspace.

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