Workforce management

Streamline approvals, gain detailed insights into project contributions and schedule tasks with precision to ensure on-time project delivery.

Get detailed insights into project contributions

Gain comprehensive insights into your workforce's activities on your project.

Dive into the details with our subcontractor page, which offers a clear view of their assigned tasks and activities.

Subcontractor card with their names, prices, specialities, works and payments

Streamline approvals workflow

Ensure seamless approvals for project orders and payments with our streamlined process.

Our approval details page provides a clear and efficient way to manage and track approvals.

Shows approval process with different assignees and their statuses

Schedule precisely for on-time delivery

Stay on top of project timelines by scheduling tasks efficiently.

Utilize our Gantt chart to create and maintain project schedules that ensure tasks are completed on time.

Gantt chart with works and their due dates
Other features

You don't need to use several tools, the whole team works in a single workspace.

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