Task tracker

Streamline your work management, assign tasks with precision and maintain a sharp focus on every aspect of your projects.

Use task tracker easily

Efficiently manage your construction projects with our intuitive task tracker. It's designed to simplify your work process with a user-friendly to-do list and table view.

Stay organized and get things done without hassle.

Table filled with tasks and assigned to different people in different statuses

Assign tasks with precision

Assigning tasks to your team has never been easier. With our task tracker, you can link small pieces of work to specific areas or estimates effortlessly.

Ensure that every part of your construction project is accounted for and handled efficiently.

Add concrete locations and works to your tasks

Stay focused with subtasks

Keep your projects on track and your team focused by breaking down tasks into manageable subtasks.

Each task comes with a list of subtasks that allows for detailed planning and execution.

Every task comes with list of subtasks
Other features

You don't need to use several tools, the whole team works in a single workspace.

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