Photos & Communication

Organize project photos, improve communication through RFIs and choose your preferred viewing style. Empower your team with effective project documentation and collaboration tools.

Organize photos by area and work

Effortlessly manage project photos by linking them with specific areas and works.

Our photo page simplifies the process of linking photos to relevant project components, ensuring you always have easy access to visual documentation.

Construction order with comments and photos binded to specific locations and works

Enhance clarity with RFIs

Clear communication is key to project success. Add comments to works to provide context, instructions, or updates.

Our orders page allows you to seamlessly integrate photos and comments, making collaboration more effective.

Form to bind RFIs, comments and photos to specific work or location

Choose your preferred view

Enjoy flexibility in how you view project documentation.

Whether it's a chessboard view, orders view, or estimates view, you can access project photos and RFIs in the format that suits your workflow.

Chessboard view of project with opened sidebar containing different works with RFIs, photos and statuses
Other features

You don't need to use several tools, the whole team works in a single workspace.

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