Status reports

Discover how to automate your construction reporting, bridging data gaps and streamlining workflows. Achieve real-time visibility and ensure project accuracy.

Information gaps —


Eliminate information gaps by seamlessly connecting and integrating data throughout the construction reporting process, ensuring comprehensive project transparency.

Outdated reports —


Streamline reporting, obtaining real-time data access, which is time-efficient and ensures that reports are always up-to-date.

All construction data in one place

buildbuild primary goal is to connect and integrate data seamlessly.

The process begins with estimates, which are then distributed to project areas. Subcontractors and internal staff receive task orders, and upon completion, clients validate and accept the work.

All project information is linked, allowing easy comparison with the initial plan and tracking other activities regarding your construction site.

Palette of reports including bill of quantities view, works with their statuses and detailed order view with works and areas

Enhanced project visibility

Automating the reporting process with buildbuild provides a robust solution for enhancing project visibility and mitigating the risks of cost overruns and schedule delays.

By seamlessly integrating real-time data, buildbuild ensures that you remain well-informed about the current project status and prevent potential budget issues.

Precise payment tracking is key for efficient financial management, offering a useful data for construction reporting.

Palette of reports including list of works for subcontractors with prices, depts page for financial control and list of materials (resources) for procurement purpose

Comprehensive status reports

buildbuild offers a holistic perspective on your construction projects, ensuring you understand precisely what's happening from every angle that matters.

Whether it's the work list, time schedule, specific project areas, or the performance of subcontractors, our system provides real-time insights into all these critical dimensions.

Reporting capabilities empower you to stay in control and keep projects on track, no matter which aspect you need to analyze.

Palette of reports including works, areas with orders and subcontractor page

You don't need to use several tools, the whole team works in a single workspace.

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